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The Galaxy’s Centre Tastes of Raspberries


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Yes, bizarrely enough. Way out in the huge emptiness of space, Astronomers searching for the foundations of alien life stumbled upon…. The taste of raspberries! Or with its more clinical name to be exact; ethyl formate… yep the taste of raspberries just floating about a few billion light years away in the milky way.

Really it’s true, just google it. Apparently rum is right up there too. But the reason I love this oddest of odd fact is because it’s kind of a suitable, and fairly random way to describe the purpose of this site; to be aware of and to know when to recognise beauty in the universe around us and particularly in relation to our quality of life and the way we interact with life around us, which I truly believe we can be deeply connected with than we will ever truly understand.

For our society however, the meaning of food has come to be associated with consumption without an understanding our the impact it has on the world. But when we start to think of our Diet as the foods that our planet sustains us with each and every day and if we take that little bit of extra effort to explore the myriad tastes, textures and sensations available to us then, just like the Astronomers searching for life, we can, in our way, explore the world around us and hopefully respect it in a way we have not done so before.

If, together we can switch our focus from artificial foods, over-medication, drug addiction, alcohol and sugar to simple, whole, pure, organic foods than I think it’s possible to be that little bit more in sync with the universe and our place in it and we can really appreciate the beauty of food and the beauty of life. Like the raspberries out in the milky way, the Universe has its ways of keeping us on track… all we really need to do is learn how to listen to it.

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